Making the pleasant mealtime for your baby

Most parents can agree that the dining table is usually a battle field as babies don’t want to eat their food. With such struggle, one is left to wonder when such a simple activity became so stressful. As challenging as feeding time is, there are ways that one can use to make meal times exciting, fun and enjoyable.

Ways of making meal time fun


Taking it outdoors

If you are accustomed to eating in one place all the times, it is time for a change. Strap the baby on their best lightweight/umbrella stroller and go eat outside. Let them enjoy and appreciate nature. You need to however ensure that the environment is clean and baby friendly.

Make the mealtime a positive experience

One way that you can motivate the children to eat their food, is by allowing them to make a mess. Let them explore by touching the food. You should however ensure that their hands are clean. It is also important to let the children to feed themselves- if they can. Give your assistance when they are stuck but not all the time. Don’t at any given time leave the baby unattended when they are feeding lest they end up choking. Continue reading “Making the pleasant mealtime for your baby” »

Ages for Riding Balance Bike

On the internet, you will find hundreds of balance bike reviews websites, but you will hardly get some ideas about age range for riding a balance bike. In fact, balance bikes come in many different sizes and types. So it is very important to choose the perfect sized bike for your child according to his or her age, growth, and physical ability. It is the main topic in today’s article. By reading the article, you will be able to grab crucial information regarding this.

As we have already mentioned about age, growth and physical ability of a child, these are the great backgrounds to select the best-suited balance bike for him or her. So the suggestion for selecting a specifically sized bike for your child does not only depend on the age because different children’s growth and physical ability very largely. You will see sometimes a 2-year old child is taller than a 3-year old child. Again you will also notice that a 5-year boy can be more adept in doing something than an older aged boy. This can also be happened with a girl. So age can be the basic standard for choosing a balance bike, but later on you will have to consider growth and physical ability too.

A perfectly grown 18 months old child is the least age who can try for the smallest balance bike. So it can be clearly told that up to 2.5 years of age, any child can ride the smallest bike without any hassle.

One thing that you will have to know about a balance bike is that you can adjust it according to your child’s growth by making low or high the seat. So it is not a matter of changing a bike again and again according to your child’s different ages.

3 years is the time when the child grows up fast. So at this moment, if you see that your child has grown up enough and is capable of riding a bike at a higher position, make the seat little bit higher. Get your child sit on the bike and listen to his or her preference for the suitable height. This will ensure the perfect height for your child in the best way.

Wheel size is another factor that plays an important role in balancing a bike. So you will have to upgrade to larger one, but the next one should be pedal bike as your child has already learned how to balance a bike. After a certain height, the seat of a bike can not be taken higher. So if your child reaches the optimum height, then there is an urgent need to change his or her bike.

A balance bike can usually be ridden by a child up to 6 years of age. So during this 6 years, you will have to keep an eye on the variation that might be needed by your beloved child. So be watchful about it to let your child have a comfortable ride with his or her balance bike.

Six factors affect the brain development of babies

Being parents, you should understand six factors affecting the development of the babies’ brain in order that you can help them improve each day. For the development of the children’s brain, in addition to inherent factors, the external factors also influence a lot so you can improve your baby every day. The baby’s brain development is influenced directly by six major factors, below are the useful information for you to consider.

1. Genetics


People often say that if parents are smart, children cannot unintelligent. Genetic factor is also expressed on blood ties: parents are natives; children’s mental index was 102. Parents come from different provinces; intellectual index of baby is 109. If the parents are cousins, the children’s mental index will be very low.

2. Breast milk


In breast milk there is a very good material for the development of the babies’ intellectual. Scientists call it taurine. Taurine content in breast milk is 10 times higher than the level of taurine in dairy cows. Babies’ breastfed will have 3-10 points higher intelligence scores than other children. Continue reading “Six factors affect the brain development of babies” »

Tips on helping babies gain weight rapidly

Every parents want their babies gain weight healthily. That is the reason why they always try the best ways to take care of their kids. There are many causes of underweight malnutrition in babies so parents need to find out the causes in order to help them quickly reach the standard weight with their age. Below are some simple ways to help the babies gain weight quickly and safely.

1. The reasons why baby gains weight slowly


If parents want to help children gain weight regularly, they need to know the causes leading to slow weight gain in babies, so they will have appropriate solutions.

  • Premature baby

When babies are not enough months to be born, these babies will have slow weight gain. Apart from this, they also have weaker health than full-term infants do.

  • The mother does not get enough nutrients while being pregnant

Nutrition to the fetus is primarily provided by the mother during pregnancy time, so if she does not eat adequate nutrition during she has pregnancy, which will affect children’s weight at birth and grow. In addition, in the case, the mother has drinking or smoking habit; the baby will be at high risk of low birth weight, preterm birth.

  • Baby’s health is in disorders

Parents should know that babies having medical disorders might also affect the ability of gaining weight. These health disorders will enhance the body’s caloric needs while baby’s body does not absorb and eat well. As a result, the baby cannot gain weight or gain slowly.

Because the food intake of the baby was shared by intestinal parasites. Therefore, parents need worm for children every 6 months. Continue reading “Tips on helping babies gain weight rapidly” »

How to help the children overcome the fear

Because of the young age that the children have not had many chances to contact with the social life, they often feel shy or afraid. For the adults, children’s fear seems to be quite silly and ridiculous. However, parents should understand that, for the children, the world is always full of threats and most of these fears will disappear when they grow up. Helping the children overcome the fear plays a very important role in the process of nurturing the children to be mature and to form the good personalities.

1. Find out the cause of fear


According to the studies, the majority of children’s fears come from their parents which means they are affected or mimic certain actions of their parents.
Sometimes the fear of the children from the ways their parents use to punish them. They are afraid of being scolded, punished or spanked. These can lead them to separate from their parents and suffer the fear by themselves.
To help them overcome the stress and not affect the study, personality and social communication skills, the parents need to find out the causes, and then, give the specific measures to get rid of these problems. Continue reading “How to help the children overcome the fear” »

Help children be independent from their childhood

Training the children to be independent at an early age is an important thing in teaching the children of their parents. Independence will help children be aware of their actions and have the right choice in the future and it is also the base to perfect her personality then. Before that, if the children had been forged to be independent, parents will be very free when they can clean up their toys by themselves or even help their mother do the household chores. Here are some ways that you can refer to forge the independence for children effectively.

1. Parents should teach children the daily basic work


Children will learn independence through everyday tasks. Depending on the stage of development of the baby, you can let him join some specific tasks.

  • Taking care of themselves:

Self-dressed, taking off the clothes, washing hands, brushing teeth, washing face, preparing to go to school, feeding themselves, etc…are the basic skills and they are totally doable. The mothers should teach children gradually and resolutely not take their children’s responsibilities. On the first duration, your children can do no well, but after a period, they will certainly do better.

They are self-cleaning the toys and clothes, flushing the toilet after going toilet, leaving the rubbish in a dustbin, etc…from which children will learn to live with responsibility for themselves and their family. Continue reading “Help children be independent from their childhood” »

How to make your children get a neat routine?

Have you ever felt mad when looking the pile of their children’s toys? Have you ever thought that you are like a servant rather than the mother when you always have to follow the children from this room to another for cleaning each of dirty socks or small pencils?
In our daily life, the habit will make up the personality. This is to say that right from childhood, if your child had any habit, he or she would take the similar personality in the future.
Habit is not self-contained in each person. Creating the habit requires time and patience.

How to create a neat and tidy habit for the baby?

From this point, you should give up the fight with your children and try the following small tips to change the attitude and habits of children

1. Turn the cleaning the house into the game


Please change your attitude in the cleaning the house. You should replace that word phrase with a strange and more attractive sounding name to the children such as the game of cleaning the house or the contest to see who is cleaner that may go along with small rewards.
You can also create music and laughter to go along with the cleaning. This will make the cleaning work for the child become less boring but they are still voluntary to clean up. Continue reading “How to make your children get a neat routine?” »